Pitter Powder

Pitter Powder
Sometimes I long for the days when life was simpler. This necklace was really great so I created a set around it. It reminds me of time travel for some reason. Once I found this cute print from an Etsy shop I was set. : ) The dress is from ModCloth it is called Pitter Powder Blue Dress. The shoes and necklace are also from ModCloth. The earrings are Forever 21. The print of the baby is from Etsy  shop Printed Heirlooms. It is super super cute you should check it out!!!http://www.etsy.com/listing/77281936/faded-vintage-inspired-print-of-baby

Biking to the farmer’s market to meet the girls

Biking to the farmer's market to meet the girls
It has been so nice out lately in San Diego it makes me wanna buy a pastel beach cruiser and bike all around town. Where better to go if you are being “green” then to the farmers market!!
I’ve been searching around the internet for cute “up-dos” for the summer. It gets so hot and my hair is very long, past the middle of my back. If anyone knows any good hair styles please share!! : )

Photographs on a summers day

Photographs on a summers day
This reminds me of walking around on a hot summers day taking pictures. All things are from ModCloth except the hair style. Here is where I found the hairstyle http://pinterest.com/aeliza/hair/ someone made a great Pinterest with a lot of hairstyles. Some have step by step instructions. I would love to try out some of them on my blog. Check it out!!

Scathingly Brilliant

Scathingly Brilliant
One of my favorite Bloggers Kate Gabrielle just got picked as Blogger of the Moment from ModCloth and had a new dress named after her!!! That is the dress. When I saw it I think my heart stopped for a second AMAZING… if they carried it in my size it would be on its way to my house right now. Diet Time!!!!