Lions and Tigers and Bears!!….OH MY!!!!

New things for my store!!



Here are some other cute pics of the things I made yesterday…


All of the clips I sell will be sent out in decorated boxes. Still more to come!! I am not sure I will make the deadline to sell to people for Valentine’s Day (if someone is buying something for V day they want it well before the 14th). I need to make up more inventory before I open the shop. Back to crafting I go. This is my last vacation day before I go back to school. What better way to spend it then doing something I love. : )  Oh boy…i have been so preoccupied I forgot to eat. hahaha my stomach sound like a bear I better go raid the fridge.


Pastel Dream

Pastel Dream

I am in LOVE LOVE…LOVE with this dress on ModCloth but they are sold out of my size. : (  I also love the wedges and the kitchen….I will take it all!!! The color mint and pastel pink together make me super HAPPY!!

Mini Apple Pie


To continue on with the Valentine’s Day theme…..even though it is not for another month….I made mini heart shaped apple pies. They came out super cute and delicious!!! I am not a super big fan of the color red even though my laptop is red and I am wearing a burnt orange close to red dress (what? they didn’t have a purple laptop and I couldn’t get black that is too boring) haha….but I love the pink and the hearts and all the glitter. Anyway here are the pies,



I later added some red glittery sprinkles but those pictures are not on my computer at the moment. Here is the recipe I started out with.  They were supposed to be mini apple pie pop (SUPER FUN!! RIGHT?) but I was kind of in a rush and I couldn’t find sticks. For the filling  I added brown sugar instead of lemon and caramel filling ( I had no clue what they meant by caramel filling. Also lemons scare me ..well I hate any lemon baked good so the though of even putting it in there turned me off.) For the crust I used the Pillsbury crust in the can next to the cans for the croissants. I made the glaze to put on top and also added tons of cinnamon sugar and then the red sugary sprinkles. It was a bummer the recipe only made 4 pies. If I had a roller for the excess dough I could have probably made 3 more.





Pretty in Pink

Good Evening!!! I have been in a crafty mood all day creating things for Valentines day and for my shop….aFlowerforAthena!!! which I think I am going to reopen through storeenvy instead of etsy. I am working with store envy now to see if I like it better. I could also do both who knows. Being successful selling my creations is a big dream of mine. I strayed away and was feeling hopeless for awhile. After reading many other people’s blogs and hearing their stories and watching their success over time it has made me realize if I believe in myself and put the time into it I can do it!!

Here is something I made today. It is so cute. Since it is made from an alligator clip with teeth it can be used as a hair clip, a decoration for a cardigan or a shoe accessory


Finals are over!!!

So I finished all my finals for my first semester of Nursing school!! I am currently eating croutons dipped in Caesar dressing (the two best parts of a salad!!)  hunched over my laptop excessively pressing refresh waiting for my grades to be posted online. To distract myself I stumbled upon and have been reading it for hours like a book from oldest to newest post. I love finding blogs where you feel like you connect to the person writing them. It is like you know them like a friend reading their posts from month to month. Its one of my favorite things to do and the reason I decided to start blogging. Anyway her blog is super awesome filled with great clothes and recipe ideas and tons of other cool things.  

UPDATE!! I currently have 26 votes for my ModCloth contest entry. I want to thank everyone for their support. The contest ends on Jan 15 and you can vote every 24 hours. I am not expecting to win by popular vote as the most votes someone currently has 900 some but the support is amazing and I love showing off my style. Two other people will be picked to win by ModCloth based on their photo and answers to the questions they asked. I have my fingers crossed.



Me and my friend Megan had WAY too much fun at the farm taking pictures for my contest. We saw an old wagon, a fake goose, and a funny photo opportunity : P

Year of Dresses Contest!!!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA     Hello everyone!!! I just entered a contest to win a year of dresses from the best clothing website ever ModCloth!!! I would really appreciate your support and LOVE it if you can vote for me. The highest amount of votes so far is 727…WE CAN BEAT THAT!!! here is the link just copy and paste it. When you get to my page click vote at the bottom. SUPER SIMPLE!! Thank you all and have a wonderful new year!!!


Femininity, Beauty & Love

So I have been thinking about opening my online shop back up again. It is called *A Flower for Athena* that is where my blog name came from. Athena is my daughter’s name and I think flowers are super girly and beautiful. They smell amazing, you can grow them and that in itself is a great hobby, you can wear them with anything and put them on anything.They come in all shapes colors and sizes. They are a symbol of femininity and beauty and love.

For now I will just create some things that I love and post the pics on my blog : )



This headband made by ME!! * A Flower for Athena*

Materials: Mint Green tulle for the flowers, light green silky ribbon with white colored flowers on it wrapped around the band

I love experimenting with new materials to create different kinds of flowers. Tulle is really fun to work with. It makes the flowers look very delicate. This headband is definitely shabby chic ; )


Its official. My blog has a mind of its own. It started making its own posts without me for some reason. I guess creepy things do happen after midnight. It posted a pic of skinny jeans… I don’t even like skinny jeans. Well not on my body type anyway. : P

While I am here I will post this pic of a super cute dress I must have from asos curve.  A girl can dream right. It is only $72 dollars marked down from $96 but that is more then a poor nursing student can afford.