First ever outfit post!!!



*Dress: Target  *Shoes: Target *Cardigan Sweater thing: Target


Here is my first ever full body outfit post!! YEAH TO ME!!! I finally learned that my camera does have a self timer. haha I got this new dress yesterday at Target and I was just playing around with my camera and I thought “hey the lighting sucks because it was dark out but that is a really good pic of myself so why not just start now and post it.” So that is me!!!

If your curious..which I always am. I mean I look at outfit posts of women and I am like what are their measurements what size do they wear how will that look on me?! Well here you go. I am going to lay it all out there for you. I mean you can see the pic of me I am not perfect. If you have read my previous posts I have so far lost 56lbs. WOOHOO!! 60 more to go. Anyway here it is… as of today…haha

Waist 38

Hips 45

Bust 43

Size: Newly size 14 and XL

It sounds weird but I am totally excited to finally be XL. At my heaviest I was pushing almost to have to fit into 3X.

I want to also stress that I love people of ALL sizes you are beautiful!! But I was not happy with myself and I did not feel beautiful so I made a change. Wish me Luck!!!

14 thoughts on “First ever outfit post!!!

  1. You look amazing!!! I love the outfit and how did you get your hair so silky and shiny? Dress is very pretty. Target is one of my favorite stores!! Congrats on losing so much weight!

  2. You look great – fantastic outfit. I’m not the person to give fashion advise though lol. And 56lb?! Congrats!

    • Thank you!! You made my day! Haha funny true story. My boyfriends dad says I’m prettier then his other sons girlfriend and she is 130lb muhaha! Lol that made me excited too. You don’t have to be a barbie to be pretty as long as u are comfortable with and love yourself.

  3. I love your dress 🙂 makes me excited for spring/summer. Well done on your weight loss and good luck! You are right everyone is beautiful regardless their size so you should only change if you are unhappy, not to please anyone else. xoxo

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