How to get the badge for Leibster Award on your page

Frustrated young  woman.


This is how I feel about my computer sometimes. I am pretty clueless, but learning slowly. Anyway some people had questions about how to add their Leibster Award Badge to their page.

FOR PEOPLE THAT WERE NOMINATED FOR THE AWARD ONLY!!!  (play fair and be nice everyone : P)

I am not very computer savvy but was able to do this pretty easily and I even discovered a whole new page on my WordPress Dashboard YEAH!!!

* Go to your dashboard

* Hover over appearance

* Click on Widgets

The box all the way on the right has all the widgets that are already displayed on your page. You can choose to put it in the side bar which is the top box or the Footer which is the box below and they are labeled as such.

I chose the sidebar

* From the big box on the left hand side click on IMAGE and drag that over to your box where you want your award either the sidebar or footer box.

The order of all the things already listed is the order they appear on your page so I put my image all the way at the top of my sidebar list.

*Now you should have the word IMAGE displayed in the spot you would like your Leibster badge to show up

Now that you picked a spot you need to put in the URL code in the image box so the picture of the badge shows up on your page

* Now go to my page and right click on the Leibster badge.

* Then there will be a choice to “copy image URL” select that

* Now go back to your widgets page and click the down arrow next to IMAGE where u choose to put your badge.

* Paste the link you just copied in the box that says Image URL

* Then click SAVE at the bottom

CONGRATS !!! You just posted a your badge on your page!!!!

Also I have don’t have a Mac computer so that might change the “right click” instructions.

Hope this helps. : )

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