So I just finished my 1920’s set and I was like okay gotta get back to reading stop distracting yourself like a cat with shiny objects. So I am just about to hit the books when I think……hey I wonder if My ModCloth dress is going to be here soon. So I get on the tracking website and it says it is at the post office near my house. I then flashback to seeing the mail truck and realize OMG is it here? So i run outside and look on my porch…no box so I run through the rain to my mailbox and all there are is letters. : (  As I am walking back into my house what do I see ……



This amazing box sitting on my window on my porch!!!! I am wearing the dress right now. It fits like a dream. It is very well made. The top is perfect it holds my girls in. All 38 DD of them. If you don’t remember what dress it is check out this post https://aflowerforathena.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/my-own-piece-of-minty-heaven/. I will def post dress pics as soon as I can but right now the Nursing School books are calling. 

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