My own piece of Minty Heaven

First Modcloth Dress1


Here it is!! My first ModCloth Dress!! Its called “That’s What I Mint Dress”.I was going to drop it into Polyvore and have some fun with accessories but i am short on time at the moment so I just wanted to do a quick post since I said I was going to post a pic of it today. Honestly I do not even know what to wear with it because the dress is so amazing on its own.

Also I wanted to thank everyone for voting for me for the 12 months of dresses  ModCloth contest. I received 50 some votes which was more then I would have ever imagined. I did not win the contest but I did have a lot of fun getting all dressed up and spending time taking pics with my good friend Megan.  I want to congratulate the 3 women who did win!! Good job ladies you must be floating on clouds right now!!


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