Dress color change!!

Sorry I did not get a chance to post my new and improved dress yesterday but here I am. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

So I used this Fabric Dye I found in the craft section at Walmart. I was really hoping to make the dress mint colored. I figured if I made this color light enough it might look similar to mint. I dyed the dress following the instructions on the back.

I used a bucket instead of sink or washing machine.

I put in half the packet and filled the bucket half way which is way more than the one gallon they say to fill it too. I figured more water lighter color.

Also the packet says the hotter the water the deeper the color so I put in luke-warm water instead of steaming hot like the packet says.

I did add the full 1/4 cup of salt.

It says to stir continuously for 15 minutes and then every so often for 45 minutes…something along those lines. I stirred it for maybe 10 minutes and got bored. So I put on the timer and went out every 10 minutes to stir for a minute.

When the time was up I rinsed off the dress with cold water and put it in the washer. I used warm water and detergent. The packet didn’t specify about the detergent so I look it up on the website and they say yes use soap and to also dump the whole bucket of colored water in the washer. That scared me a little because it is not my washer and I was going for a really light color so I skipped that.


There is the before and after. The color did not look anything like mint. It doesn’t even look like the turquoise it is supposed to be. It is I guess a sky blue. It is still super cute. The color came out evenly all over.


I wore it with:

* coral colored sweater from Forever 21

*I made myself a tulle belt

* used my pink with green polka-dots clip from my store to clip to the cardigan

I don’t have a timer on  my camera to get a good full body shot. I will have to figure out a way to do full body pics. : )


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