Cute as a cupcake

All I have to say right now is OMG!! I made the cutest dress ever today and I had to share the news before I burst. It is late at night so I can’t take any pics but i had to share. As you know I am in Nursing school right now and super poor so I can’t really shop much. Polyvore just wasn’t filling that little hole in my heart that wants to just buy a bunch of cute stuff. Soooo I went to the thrift store after class to just browse. Being a “larger size girl” I usually don’t have any success at the thrift store. I struck gold.  I found this cute summer dress in my size. I snatched it up for $2.00……yes two dollars it was marked at 4 but I just happened to go when they were having a half off every color tag sale (IT WAS MY LUCKY DAY!!!) Best part is the dress is white. So I did what any other crafty girl would do……I DYED IT!!! I was going for Mint but I ended up with egg shell blue which is still super cute. I have it paired with a coral cardigan and my new green with pink polka dot clips that i made for my store and a lime green tulle belt and AMAZINGNESS!! I wish I could have worn this for my ModCloth contest  photo. This outfit is 100% me. If my personality was portrayed in an outfit this would be it. Anyway sorry for the teaser I will really try to take after pics. I have the before pics and can post how I dyed it. Stay tuned for pics tomorrow.

Since I’m leaving you without a pic here is a dress I really want from Le Bomb Shop..

coral dress

They have the cutest stuff!!! You can browse here

Has there ever been a time that you took an old piece of clothing and gave it a new life? Please share : )

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