Mini Apple Pie


To continue on with the Valentine’s Day theme…..even though it is not for another month….I made mini heart shaped apple pies. They came out super cute and delicious!!! I am not a super big fan of the color red even though my laptop is red and I am wearing a burnt orange close to red dress (what? they didn’t have a purple laptop and I couldn’t get black that is too boring) haha….but I love the pink and the hearts and all the glitter. Anyway here are the pies,



I later added some red glittery sprinkles but those pictures are not on my computer at the moment. Here is the recipe I started out with.  They were supposed to be mini apple pie pop (SUPER FUN!! RIGHT?) but I was kind of in a rush and I couldn’t find sticks. For the filling  I added brown sugar instead of lemon and caramel filling ( I had no clue what they meant by caramel filling. Also lemons scare me ..well I hate any lemon baked good so the though of even putting it in there turned me off.) For the crust I used the Pillsbury crust in the can next to the cans for the croissants. I made the glaze to put on top and also added tons of cinnamon sugar and then the red sugary sprinkles. It was a bummer the recipe only made 4 pies. If I had a roller for the excess dough I could have probably made 3 more.





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