Finals are over!!!

So I finished all my finals for my first semester of Nursing school!! I am currently eating croutons dipped in Caesar dressing (the two best parts of a salad!!)  hunched over my laptop excessively pressing refresh waiting for my grades to be posted online. To distract myself I stumbled upon and have been reading it for hours like a book from oldest to newest post. I love finding blogs where you feel like you connect to the person writing them. It is like you know them like a friend reading their posts from month to month. Its one of my favorite things to do and the reason I decided to start blogging. Anyway her blog is super awesome filled with great clothes and recipe ideas and tons of other cool things.  

UPDATE!! I currently have 26 votes for my ModCloth contest entry. I want to thank everyone for their support. The contest ends on Jan 15 and you can vote every 24 hours. I am not expecting to win by popular vote as the most votes someone currently has 900 some but the support is amazing and I love showing off my style. Two other people will be picked to win by ModCloth based on their photo and answers to the questions they asked. I have my fingers crossed.



Me and my friend Megan had WAY too much fun at the farm taking pictures for my contest. We saw an old wagon, a fake goose, and a funny photo opportunity : P

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