Rain in Paris

Rain in Paris
This set started with the dress, from ModCloth of course : P. I saw it and instantly thought about my longing to visit Paris. The picture of the Eiffel Tower in the rain puddle is absolutely amazing. I mostly stick to bright colors but my closet has some black in it. I wear it on those days where it is cloudy or raining and you feel like you wanna cuddle up inside with some hot coco or walk around Europe taking pics in the rain of the amazing architecture. haha
Is there a place that you want to one day visit?
Update!!: So I couldn’t help myself I had to have the Gathering of Gals Dress in my previous post. So it is on its way to my house!!! I am super excited. http://www.polyvore.com/gathering_gals/set?.embedder=2536499&.svc=wordpress&id=70240055. I am slacking on my outfit posts. It is just so easy to use Polyvore though. You don’t have to have good lighting. You can do it anytime of the day and you have an unlimited wardrobe….every girls dream!!

Gathering of Gals

Gathering of Gals
The title of the post is the name of a dress I have my eye on from Modcloth. I just found it today it went straight to my wishlist and it might slowly make its way to my cart. lol I am having a  get together with all my girls around Valentines day and this dress would be perfect for the occasion. This set makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love love love pastels!!! This makes me wanna paint everything in my room mint, sky blue, light pink, and gum drop purple!!
That reminds me. I have a DIY post I am really wanting to do with some cute frames I got from the thrift store. I bought some gum drop purple spray paint for the frame.  It will be exciting. Maybe I should make my new years resolution to turn my room into a pastel palace throughout the year. hahaha I have to include my daughters room as well or she will start sleeping in mine.
“Surround yourself with things that make you happy, not what other people expect you to have!!!”

Flapper Girl

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Everyone goes around and dresses however they want. They let loose and express themselves. I enjoy expressing myself everyday with my clothing and accessory choices but a lot of people feel like they can’t or its unacceptable. To set the mood for my Flash Back Friday!!! Or Maybe I should call it Flapper Friday haha. I figured I would post a pic of my Flapper costume from Halloween last year and I also wanted to show Adeline my awesome headpiece.


I wore a short curly blonde wig with long long pearls and a red dress with detailed beading.



So I just finished my 1920’s set and I was like okay gotta get back to reading stop distracting yourself like a cat with shiny objects. So I am just about to hit the books when I think……hey I wonder if My ModCloth dress is going to be here soon. So I get on the tracking website and it says it is at the post office near my house. I then flashback to seeing the mail truck and realize OMG is it here? So i run outside and look on my porch…no box so I run through the rain to my mailbox and all there are is letters. : (  As I am walking back into my house what do I see ……



This amazing box sitting on my window on my porch!!!! I am wearing the dress right now. It fits like a dream. It is very well made. The top is perfect it holds my girls in. All 38 DD of them. If you don’t remember what dress it is check out this post https://aflowerforathena.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/my-own-piece-of-minty-heaven/. I will def post dress pics as soon as I can but right now the Nursing School books are calling. 

Check out those gams!!

Check out those gams!!
Inspired by Modcloths’  Twitter post for items from the 1920’s. I figured I would make up an outfit of my own to keep me busy on this rainy San Diego afternoon. I am also distracting myself from studying but I always have time for clothes ; ). 

Cruising in the car

Cruising in the car
My friend just bought me these shoes from Forever 21 for my birthday!! I have not taken them off since. I am even studying at my desk with them on. hahaha!! I couldn’t resist putting them in Polyvore and using ModCloth to let my imagination run wild. I think I am going to add all these things to my ModCloth wishlist. I am going to try out that hairstyle tomorrow it is super cute. Wish me Luck!!

Photographs on a summers day

Photographs on a summers day
This reminds me of walking around on a hot summers day taking pictures. All things are from ModCloth except the hair style. Here is where I found the hairstyle http://pinterest.com/aeliza/hair/ someone made a great Pinterest with a lot of hairstyles. Some have step by step instructions. I would love to try out some of them on my blog. Check it out!!

My own piece of Minty Heaven

First Modcloth Dress1


Here it is!! My first ModCloth Dress!! Its called “That’s What I Mint Dress”.I was going to drop it into Polyvore and have some fun with accessories but i am short on time at the moment so I just wanted to do a quick post since I said I was going to post a pic of it today. Honestly I do not even know what to wear with it because the dress is so amazing on its own.

Also I wanted to thank everyone for voting for me for the 12 months of dresses  ModCloth contest. I received 50 some votes which was more then I would have ever imagined. I did not win the contest but I did have a lot of fun getting all dressed up and spending time taking pics with my good friend Megan.  I want to congratulate the 3 women who did win!! Good job ladies you must be floating on clouds right now!!


70% off Cabin Fever SALE!! ModCLoth

I had to make a quick post to tell you that ModCloth is having a 70% off sale today. There are some super cute things that have been on my wishlist that are for sale. I am not sure if I am going to be able to get anything because….I just bought my first ever item from ModCloth yesterday!!! Figures lol, but the item I bought isn’t in the sale. I saw this dress and it was so amazingly beautiful I could not pass it up. I knew that If I did not purchase it I would probably not find anything like it again..especially since I have a harder time finding and fitting in clothes  because I am 1X. Anyway enjoy the sale!! I will post pictures of the dress later today.

Dress color change!!

Sorry I did not get a chance to post my new and improved dress yesterday but here I am. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

So I used this Fabric Dye I found in the craft section at Walmart. I was really hoping to make the dress mint colored. I figured if I made this color light enough it might look similar to mint. I dyed the dress following the instructions on the back.

I used a bucket instead of sink or washing machine.

I put in half the packet and filled the bucket half way which is way more than the one gallon they say to fill it too. I figured more water lighter color.

Also the packet says the hotter the water the deeper the color so I put in luke-warm water instead of steaming hot like the packet says.

I did add the full 1/4 cup of salt.

It says to stir continuously for 15 minutes and then every so often for 45 minutes…something along those lines. I stirred it for maybe 10 minutes and got bored. So I put on the timer and went out every 10 minutes to stir for a minute.

When the time was up I rinsed off the dress with cold water and put it in the washer. I used warm water and detergent. The packet didn’t specify about the detergent so I look it up on the website and they say yes use soap and to also dump the whole bucket of colored water in the washer. That scared me a little because it is not my washer and I was going for a really light color so I skipped that.


There is the before and after. The color did not look anything like mint. It doesn’t even look like the turquoise it is supposed to be. It is I guess a sky blue. It is still super cute. The color came out evenly all over.


I wore it with:

* coral colored sweater from Forever 21

*I made myself a tulle belt

* used my pink with green polka-dots clip from my store to clip to the cardigan

I don’t have a timer on  my camera to get a good full body shot. I will have to figure out a way to do full body pics. : )