Femininity, Beauty & Love

So I have been thinking about opening my online shop back up again. It is called *A Flower for Athena* that is where my blog name came from. Athena is my daughter’s name and I think flowers are super girly and beautiful. They smell amazing, you can grow them and that in itself is a great hobby, you can wear them with anything and put them on anything.They come in all shapes colors and sizes. They are a symbol of femininity and beauty and love.

For now I will just create some things that I love and post the pics on my blog : )



This headband made by ME!! * A Flower for Athena*

Materials: Mint Green tulle for the flowers, light green silky ribbon with white colored flowers on it wrapped around the band

I love experimenting with new materials to create different kinds of flowers. Tulle is really fun to work with. It makes the flowers look very delicate. This headband is definitely shabby chic ; )


Its official. My blog has a mind of its own. It started making its own posts without me for some reason. I guess creepy things do happen after midnight. It posted a pic of skinny jeans… I don’t even like skinny jeans. Well not on my body type anyway. : P

While I am here I will post this pic of a super cute dress I must have from asos curve.  A girl can dream right. It is only $72 dollars marked down from $96 but that is more then a poor nursing student can afford.